The Nova Escola de Línguas is a language school in Maputo which was established in 2009. The philosophy of the Nova Escola de Línguas is that learning a language in a small group is motivating and fun and it has proved to be a very efficient way to learn a new language. The Nova Escola de
 provides classes in Portuguese in its newly furnished premises, conveniently located in a safe and quiet area of Bairro Polana Cimento in Maputo.

Students can choose from a variety of portuguese classes, from intensive language courses to regular lessons at any level of portuguese proficiency in a group or private. Together with your teacher you can plan your ideal course schedule.

Since its inception the school has been providing classes for a multitude of nationalities. The Nova Escola has organised tailor made courses for students from numerous embassies, international NGOs, United Nations, World Bank and small, medium & large companies.

If you would like to know more about the school, you are welcome to have a look and meet our teachers and judge for yourself.